ORIGIN OF CIVILIZATION & LANGUAGES---ANCIENT CHINA. 上古中国, 世界文明和语言的发源地. Egyptian hieroglyphics was Old Chinese pictorial words as sound symbols! 中国话是世界母语                   

Shakespeare, an expert of Chinese Language.  Historians & Linguists Had Goofed On Us. 


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    meaning: Marching Home in Triumph

                        古代中国形声字(非象形字)  出现 埃及


Exact English,..../To Chinese Translation

1. Congruant sound & meaning of words transl...

2. Pin-yin Chinese words in English pronunciation.

Deode: stone=石头也, its nam  in old Chinese language.  

Facebook 8/1/2016, stick=s-ti-ck, 树短枝, meaning a short tree branch in late Chi. phonetics. 

sickle = 收割粮, for harvesting food grain in Chinese mother tongue.

Learn real  Chinese, using "reverse Shakspearean with us.        Next,下面有中文资料 


Human culture started in S.E.Asia with the invention of rope about 25,000 years ago during the last Earth's Ice Age. Ancient Chinese invented most of the tools and weapons. Axe, pot, arrow, bow, fire, flood, knife, metal, rope, spear, sun, moon, star, wheel, eyes, ears, heart, soul, mind, God, net, and web,.., are all in Chinese phonetics.   

only fools believe that human's tool making process jumped from stone age to the bronze age. Ape man made little progresses in 2 million years. When a smart modern man stumbled onto a nonpervious burnt clay, he started human's pottery age for the next 20,000 years. Man went into bronze age after they gained knowledge in furnace temperature control during the pottery age. Pottery was the first large scale human manufacturing industry.

Egyptian hieroglyphics were phonetical symbols representing sound of ancient Chinese words. Phoenicians were ancient Chinese sailors, they passed down Chinese words of that time to Greeks. All ancient structures built by Westerners were based on much older Chinese technology. Present Chinese language is the result of a long continuous evolution. Languages of all other civilized regions were  transliterated from older Chinese languages of different agesIndo-European languages group is a joke. Germanic people was the last major group to join the civilized Eurasians.  

25,000 年前地球进入冰河期,人类南迁避寒觅食.一个聪明人发现麻皮或芭蕉树丝能搓揉成绳索捆绑物件.其后几千年中,灵敏人发明了用绳索捆制长矛,弩箭,和弯弓.人类的狩猎技能大增.后来地球逐渐转暖,东南亚人们慢慢向北方移动,以躲开台风,海啸,毒蛇,猛兽,和蚊蝇病虫.再以后人们沿今天的俄国东部进入北美,他们用弩箭和镖枪很快把毛象杀光.


1. 日本的富士(Mt. Fu-ji).  2. 希伯来的摩西氏(Moses), m = f.

3. 埃及的khu-fu(羲伏,反唸); 和狮身人首像(s-phen-x,神伏羲).