Lesson 2


has thousands of most commonly used words transliterated from Chinese vocabularies at around 500 years ago.  N. Chomsky and J. Greenberg were correct on many universalities in all languages.  And Greenberg had the vision that all languages appeared to have been originated from on single source, which was ancient China.  Linguists who concentrate on the study of phonetics groupings are getting nowhere.  They have no clue on the illogical fact of thousands of homonym words written in terms of all kind of alphabets.

The fact that local Greek culture started at about 3,000 BP indicated that it was not habitable much earlier.  There existed no large fresh water body to support continuous expansion in the tiny peninsula.  Hellenic brief dominance in the Eastern Mediterranean was dethroned by the Romans who had perspered rapidly due to the bigger valley basin of the Po River and its tributaries.  Germanic tribes lived farther north in the even greater basin formed by the Danube and Rhine Rivers of central Europe.  They grew very fast on this forest and grass land as the Earth surface kept on warming.  The protections provided by the Alps in the south, Black and Caspian Seas in the east, and the Polar ice cap in the north against massive foreign invasions helped this group to grow beyond a critical mass.  These less-civilized people eventually becam strong enough to topple the Roman Empire.  However, they possessed only the energy for destruction, they lacked the ability to govern an old establishment of higher cultural quality.  They merely plunged the West into the long Dark Age in the form of mob rule.

A World in Dangerous Transition

Due to the fast technological advances in the last century, the human race is now confronting with great dangers that never existed before.  The world is seriously over populated.  With stockpiles of hugely powerful destructive weapons, and some radical camps of people still cling to unreasonable old tribal dogmas.  Great disaster is not too far away for us all.  As one intellect on this planet, through this and subsequent essays, this author wishes to:

  • reveal humanity's true past since the early days of homo sapiens.
  • promote mutual respect among all people, and to nuture world peace through wisdom of reason.
  • truthfully reconnect English and Chinese, two most widely sopken languages of the world.
  • urge the few rich Asian people to stop buying body parts of the world's exotic animals, so that they can have their fair chances to survive in the wild.  Please just eat more sea weed.  It is really good for your health and it offers extremely high efficiency in absorbing carbon dioxide gases.